As a public health professional, I strive to keep abreast of advances in public health, as well as to ensure that routine programmes and new initiatives designed to address emerging and re-emerging challenges are effective, while staying true to the proven tenets of public health practice.

An equally important component of my leadership role, is working to create the environment that allows the leadership potential in others to flourish. This leader must therefore invest time and other resources in identifying and developing leadership potential in others. This investment may consist of mentoring, teaching and helping to open doors

To achieve success in this journey, I embrace the following principles:

bullet images    Integrity

always adhering to a moral or professional code of conduct, even when it is not the popular choice; and remaining true to principles in both my intentions and my actions.

bullet images    Equity

operating without prejudice whether dealing with colleagues, direct reports, individuals or communities. Being impartial, when dealing with colleagues and in the application of Public Health interventions.