• Developing DrPH Competencies

Upon reflection, building some public health competencies has been more difficult than others. Most challenges seem to have been encountered when dealing with the human element, such as conflict resolution, and mentoring. Although, the opportunity to mentor colleagues has been more readily available than that of dealing with conflict, given the structure of my work environment.

I still look forward to opportunities to build skills in economic analysis and additional opportunities to engage in policy analysis and evaluation.


  • Public Health Practice

The practice of public health prospers in an environment where the importance of its essential functions are acknowledged and given the opportunity to develop. The ability to strengthen the tenets of public health is sometimes negatively impacted by competing interests or by pressure to engage in activities that are visible, but of very little practical use.



Sharpen the saw…

All aspects of well being are equally important.   Time and effort must be expended in building physical as well as mental and spiritual muscles.

Taking time to ‘sharpen the saw’ as described by Covey, allows the “preservation of your greatest asset – you!” This is a commitment that I have been forced to appreciate, particularly since 2012.

While I appreciate the need at the intellectual level, I find myself struggling to do so in the practical sense. The struggle continues…



Bought with a price…

My desire is to live as someone who has been “bought with a price,” and to regard everyone I meet, as having the same priceless privilege.

This desire is linked to the fact that the acquisition of knowledge has also come at a price. The price paid, consists not only of tuition and miscellaneous fees, but also of countless sacrifices made by the “giants of public health” and the “giants” in my personal and professional life. These persons include those known to me and those I will never have the pleasure of meeting, to all of whom I owe an immense debt.

It is the desire to give back that drives me.

“When you learn, teach; when you get, give!” Maya Angelou.